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Unmasking the Truth: Double Facemask Fit Test

COVID-19 Pandemic Response

As employees begin returning to the workplace, there will likely be significant changes to certain processes and/or work procedures directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Employers need to be prepared to address questions regarding safe work practices and new protocols aimed at reducing potential exposures in the workplace.

Premier Risk Management recommends a proactive approach focused on assessing your work environment for potential exposures, developing and implementing a pandemic-response standard operating procedure (SOP), selecting personal protective equipment (as needed), and training all employees who will be impacted by new policies and procedures. Premier Risk Management has developed a comprehensive process to evaluate and mitigate potential exposures to COVID-19 that can be applied to any work environment—regardless of the number of employees or size of the facility—including administrative offices, medical facilities, manufacturing plants, hospitality venues, and more.

Our assessment is designed to evaluate your company’s administrative controls in accordance with established guidelines as articulated by federal agencies like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Homeland Security, National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, and Occupational Health and Safety Administration; analysis of the facility’s engineering controls to ensure all virus mitigation capabilities are fulfilled; inspection of work environments to include surface-sampling (desks, door knobs, tables, handles, etc.); written report with lab test results and abatement recommendations; written COVID-19 Response SOP and exposure-based policies; and required training. If your company utilizes respirators, we will audit existing protocols to ensure you are meeting the obligations articulated in 29 CFR § 1910.134.

All work will be completed by qualified industrial hygienists and safety professionals with extensive work knowledge and experience. Pricing is directly proportionate to the size of your facility, total employee population, and recommended number of surface samples. We encourage everyone to take the attorney-requested assessment.

Key Components of the Premier Risk Management (PRM) Protocol:

  • Pre-assessment questionnaire—completed by client, providing basic information to PRM about facility and operations
  • Facility assessment—surface and air sampling completed by industrial hygienists
  • Lab Testing—performed by Eurofins Scientific, with 800 Labs in 50 countries, ISO Accreditation, and UL Certification
  • Written pandemic standard operating procedure (SOP)—provided by PRM specific to client’s operations and exposures
  • Formal Report—detailed written report of all lab results, air quality readings, engineering controls, housekeeping, and abatement recommendations
  • Safety Training—provided by PRM as required for compliance with OSHA directives for PPE and respiratory protection

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