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Premier Risk Management understands the challenges faced by employers everyday as they navigate multiple compliance-related issues while trying to run a profitable business. Our established systems are built on a flexible and user-friendly platform that provides immediately tangible results for our clients and addresses long-term strategic planning to mitigate loss while maintaining compliance with regulatory law.

It’s time you consider allowing our staff of experienced professionals to implement a convenient and simple solution to address your regulatory compliance needs.

Contact us today for a confidential and informative meeting, and we’ll get you back to what you do best; running your business.

our leadership team

Mr. Howard is the founder of Premier Risk Management. His experience spans over three decades of expertise in diverse risk management disciplines such as loss control, employment practices, and regulatory compliance. His extensive experience includes preparing essential documentation, investigating catastrophic losses, and providing guidance nationally. With a background in the United States Air Force and roles in safety coordination and risk management, Mr. Howard is a recognized leader in his field. He is also renowned for his dynamic speaking engagements on risk management and effective leadership. Additionally, he actively supports various charitable organizations, highlighting his commitment to community service.
Mr. Atencio serves as the General Manager at Premier Risk Management, overseeing operations with nearly two decades of experience in managing the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health OSHA State Plan. With a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Occupational Health, he holds certifications including Registered Safety Professional, IBOEHS, Construction Safety and Health Technician, BCSP, and Certified EHS Manager, ISO 45001. His expertise spans executing business strategies, implementing safety plans, and ensuring compliance with OSHA and consensus standards. Beyond work, he enjoys hiking with his dogs, attending outdoor concerts, and assisting with home projects for family and friends, often visiting friends in New York.
Ms. Heath serves as the Controller and CFO at Premier Risk Management, bringing over 25 years of executive experience to the team. Originally from the Valley, she previously managed operations at a large dental practice. In her current role, Ms. Heath oversees accounting, finance, payroll, and administrative management, collaborating closely with the company’s founder. Her duties include client onboarding, scheduling, and business planning. Known for her organizational prowess and attention to detail, she ensures the smooth operation of the business office. Outside of work, Ms. Heath enjoys baking, hiking, road biking, and spending cherished moments with her family.
Mr. Kopp as the Field Operations Director for Premier Risk Management, transitioning from a distinguished career spanning over 30 years in the United States Air Force, with expertise ranging from combat engineering to aircrew survival and aviation mishap investigation. His meticulous attention to detail has contributed significantly to enhancing safety protocols, evidenced by his involvement in technical order revisions and specialized risk management programs. He continues to excel, championing employee safety initiatives and completing professional certifications. Beyond his professional commitments, Mr. Kopp actively supports charitable causes like the Wounded Warrior Project, reflecting his dedication to community service.
Ms. Rogers serves as the Office Administrator and Logistics Coordinator at Premier Risk Management, bringing over three decades of executive office experience to the team. She plays a vital role in scheduling client safety training and inspections, maintaining incident reports, inspection data, and training records. Her close collaboration with the operations director ensures seamless client communications and an efficient office environment. Outside of work, Ms. Rogers enjoys hiking, traveling, and quality time with her family, including her husband, three sons, and two grandchildren.
Ms. McGownd is the Midwest Region Business Development and Client Relations Director at Premier Risk Management, leading the company’s expansion efforts in Kansas City and the Midwest region. With a bachelor’s degree in marketing from NWMSU and over 15 years of experience in customer service, business development, and B2B sales, she brings a dynamic perspective to her role. Ms. McGownd excels in driving revenue growth, nurturing partnerships, and translating ideas into action. Her profound understanding of market dynamics and customer needs enables her to identify new business opportunities and tailor sales strategies accordingly. Ms. McGownd is adept at cultivating enduring client relationships and excels in negotiation. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with loved ones, outdoor adventures, community involvement, and cheering on the Chiefs during football season.Ms. McGownd
Ms. Wheeler is the Western Region Business Development and Client Relations Director for Premier Risk Management. With over 15 years of experience, she has excelled in driving customer growth, profitability, and sales success across various industries. Ms. Wheeler is a growth catalyst, known for her operational excellence and sales leadership skills. Her ability to cultivate strong relationships and blend technical concepts with practical reasoning has led to significant revenue growth and enhanced customer experiences. Ms. Wheeler holds a bachelor’s degree in health and Sports Science from the University of Oklahoma, with a specialization in Human Anatomy, Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, and Nutrition. In her spare time, she owns and operates Exposure of Time Photography, specializing in family, children, seasonal themes, and corporate photography. She is an avid sports fan who enjoys being active outdoors with her children and friends, including hiking and camping. Ms. Wheeler donates her spare time to schools and families in need.
Ms. Creighton serves as the Business Systems Manager at Premier Risk Management, overseeing the development and management of scheduled services systems, designing graphics, editing critical reports and training programs, and providing solutions for inquiries about risk management services. With nine years of experience in the construction industry, she has held diverse technical and administrative roles, including event coordination, database management, and content creation for industry publications, and website design/development. Also an accomplished musician, songwriter, singer, producer, and recording engineer, Ms. Creighton spends her free time producing records and performing around the state.
Mr. Rangel, a Field Service Supervisor at Premier Risk Management, brings over three decades of leadership experience, primarily with the Phoenix Fire Department, where he attained the rank of captain. With degrees in financial accounting and Spanish, his diverse background includes roles in the Special Operations Division, as a certified emergency paramedic, and as a master instructor for various organizations such as the International Association of Firefighters. Additionally, he is qualified in hazardous waste worker training and technical rescue and serves as an adjunct instructor for fire science and paramedicine courses at Maricopa Community College. Beyond his many professional roles, Mr. Rangel also finds time for photojournalism, particularly focusing on fly fishing, with his work featured in national magazines.
Mr. Figueroa, a Field Service Supervisor at Premier Risk Management, brings over 22 years of leadership from the Phoenix Fire Department. His expertise includes hazardous materials response, emergency medical services, and technical rescue operations. With a background in construction and swimming pool installation, he conducts thorough hazard assessments and ensures site safety compliance. Certified as an emergency medical technician and recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor as an authorized trainer, Mr. Figueroa prioritizes employee training and OSHA compliance. His fire science degree underscores his commitment to safety practices. As a professional member of the American Society of Safety Engineers and the Risk and Insurance Management Society, he upholds industry standards. Additionally, his proficiency as a translator for investigations enhances his role in ensuring safety protocols are followed.
Mr. Gillaspy, a Field Service Supervisor at Premier Risk Management, brings over 17 years of health and safety experience, complemented by national paramedic certification. With a background in fire sciences from Arizona State University, he excels in engineering controls for construction safety. As an authorized trainer for the U.S. Department of Labor and a recognized Fire Inspector II in Arizona, he guides employers on OSHA compliance and conducts fire investigations. He is dedicated to the field, with affiliations to professional bodies like the American Society of Safety Engineers. Beyond work, his passion for woodturning extends to instructing at-risk children, highlighting his commitment beyond his professional role.
Mr. Garcia, a Field Service Supervisor at Premier Risk Management, brings over 30 years of leadership and construction experience. His expertise spans residential and commercial construction, including specialized areas like wastewater treatment facilities. He conducts thorough hazard assessments, inspections, and employee training, ensuring safety on worksites. Additionally, he investigates incidents and provides translation services for legal proceedings. Certified as an identity theft risk manager specialist, he ensures compliance with state and federal laws. During his tenure at Premier Risk Management, he has continued his professional education and is recognized as an authorized trainer by the U.S. Department of Labor. Outside of work, he supports the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and enjoys family time, golf, and reading.
Mr. Espraza, a Field Service Representative at Premier Risk Management, brings a unique blend of experience from education and information systems. With a background as a schoolteacher and in building mainframe server systems for Discount Tire Company, he excels in classroom management and technical expertise. Holding a degree from Arizona State University and a Masters’ degree from the University of Phoenix, Mr. Esparza is fluent in Spanish and plays a crucial role in translating and assisting with training materials. In his leisure time, he enjoys fitness activities with his son and indulging his passion for golf.
Mr. Russell, a Field Service Supervisor at Premier Risk Management, brings over 30 years of leadership from the Phoenix Fire Department. His expertise includes hazardous materials response and technical rescue. With 25 years in construction, he conducts site safety assessments. Mr. Russell ensures OSHA compliance and provides employee training as a certified wellness trainer. His academic background includes degrees in fire science and occupational education. He is actively upholding industry standards through his involvement in professional organizations such as the American Society of Safety Engineers and the Risk and Insurance Management Society. Beyond work, he volunteers in youth sports and his church, demonstrating his commitment to community service.
Mr. Scalley, a Field Service Representative at Premier Risk Management, brings extensive expertise in special hazard fire suppression systems, intelligent fire alarm systems, and low voltage alarm systems. With a background as a NICET Level II certified technician, he has installed and serviced fire alarm panels from leading manufacturers. His role at Premier Risk Management involves hazard assessments, worksite inspections, training, and incident investigations. Committed to his professional development, Mr. Scalley is certified as a Safety and Health Official by the U.S. Department of Labor. Outside of work, he enjoys outdoor activities with his family.
Mr. Schorr, a Field Service Representative at Premier Risk Management, has six years of supervisory experience in the trades, particularly leading commercial glass installation teams across Phoenix. His hands-on expertise proves invaluable as he engages with clients daily, conducting inspections, training sessions, and incident investigations. Currently pursuing a CSHO designation and Department of Labor credentials, Mr. Schorr remains dedicated to professional professional development and will be completing his Department of Labor credentials in the near future. In his leisure, he cherishes family time, competitive shooting, artistic pursuits, and outdoor adventures with his wife and children.
Mr. Gabriel serves as the Lead Industrial Hygienist Premier Risk Management, bringing extensive experience across various sectors, including industrial hygiene, safety engineering, environmental management, fleet compliance, and ISO/OHSAS management system development. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management from Columbia Southern University, he started his career in 2003 with the Department of Health and Human Services, serving multiple federal agencies before transitioning to the private sector. His roles ranged from global electric motor companies to Fortune 500 food service manufacturers, construction, mining, oil and gas industries, and even automobile carriers, where he pioneered compliance programs. Hailing as a native Texan, Mr. Gabriel is deeply committed to his work, family, and football.