Beam us in.

In order to better accomodate our clients in the safest way possible, we now offer many of our training classes remotely via video-conferencing.

Register for a Class

To register for an upcoming class—or to schedule a class for your company—please call our office at (623) 243-7263 or a send us an email.


All students must have video and audio streaming capabilities so they can be seen and heard by the instructor.

configuration Options
  • Computer/laptop with webcam + microphone
  • Smart device (phone or tablet) with working front-facing camera + microphone
Software and internet requirements
  • Zoom application (download here)
  • Reliable internet service with adequate bandwidth*

*Minimum bandwidth is 600kbps upload/download (=0.6 Mbps) and recommended is 1.5 Mbps. Check your internet bandwidth using Speedtest.